LAHORE (Staff Report) – Social media is abuzz with stories that claim  ghosts or some unusual creatures are roaming around in Islamabad at night. Different pictures of ‘ghosts’ are also being circulated online, spreading panic among the public.

According to details available with Daily Pakistan Global, such stories of presence of ghosts in Islamabad have been discussed by citizens for long time. Recently a local newspaper also published a news item that pictures of some ghosts that were said to have been seen near Rawal Dam, which resulted in increased sense of fear among residents of Islamabad.


However when we started investigating into the matter; we came to know that the pictures published by the newspaper were not of ghosts actually but different taxidermy models.


If you search “deer ass taxidermy” in Google, you will find a large number of pictures which look alike the ones published by the newspaper.


Yes you read that right, that is a DEER ASS TAXIDERMY.

It is also pertinent to be mentioned here that taxidermy is a special art of preparing and stuffing the skins of different animals to make models which are used as displays in museums.