LONDON (Web Desk) – A drug addict sexually assaulted a 101-year-old woman after falling apart into her house.

Samuel Cooper, 27, broke into the woman’s home to look for cash to buy drugs after a night of imbibing at a public house.

He attacked the pensioner in her bed and the victim said the ordeal has ‘altered’ her life entirely.

She sustained cuts to her consistency and ‘exacerbated arthritis’ in both of her knees.

Southampton Crown Court heard how Cooper ‘upended’ the victim’s body ‘in order to attain it easier’ to attack her, and he did so by affecting her legs before coming to her.

He then attempted to ‘cover his tracks’ using antibacterial cleaner Dettol.

Cooper, who proceeds to refuse that he committed the sex attack, was convicted of sexual assault following a tryout and was condemned to eight years in the clink.

He admitted burglary at an earlier hearing and was condemned to six years imprisonment to operate concurrently.

The tribunal heard how Cooper had been undertaking a drugs and alcohol awareness course while in prison.

Cooper signed on the sex offenders registry for life and is now debarred from working with minors and vulnerable adults.