The incident took place just a few days back when a woman in India was hit by a train while she was distracted by her cell phone. The footage below comes from Mumbai’s Kurla station, and shows passengers wait for an oncoming train.

The clip opens up with a very ordinary scene, but what you see next is sure to make your heart stop, when the woman is seen running in panic down the railway track right in front of the massive gushing train.

The woman, 19-year-old Pratiksha Natekar, was at the station to meet a friend. Natekar claimed that she was busy talking on her phone, headphones plugged in when she decided to use the tracks to cross between platforms.

“As she was busy over the phone, she didn’t hear a goods train thundering down the tracks,” reported Senior Police Inspector, Ashok Bhorade, of the Kurla Government Railway Police. “When she suddenly looked up the train had already reached her.

She panicked and ran first towards the platform and then straight into the train,” he added. The woman unbelievably survived the traumatizing process of the train dragging her beneath the engine, to her own surprise as well. Pratiksha was pulled free by the onlooking passengers and taken to a nearby hospital. Miraculously, she incurred no major injuries and was released the very same day.