LONDON – Aiming to save innocent lives, the British Army tested a giant water pistol that can kill terrorists at close range during a recent Nato exercise in Belgium.

The water cannon -which looks similar to a Second World War-era flame thrower – has a backpack which can hold ten rounds of ammunition.

At ranges less than three metres, the impact of the high-power water jet is likely to be fatal. Between three and six metres, the jet will knock down an enemy.

The jet gun, which was developed in Germany, can be used in situations where firing live ammunition could lead to civilian casualties.

The NNTEX-16L exercise, was hosted at the Elsenborn military camp where the British and Belgian troops were joined by colleagues from the Netherlands and the United States the Mail Online reported.


Danish, German, Norwegian and Austrian troops also took part in the operation, testing out some of the latest equipment including lasers, acoustic and kinetic devices.