RIYADH – Saudis are now opting for baby feeding bottles encrusted with carats of gold.

Photos of baby bottles plated with 18 carat gold have gone viral on social networking websites this week, as the lavish feeders fetch prices ranging from $400 to $1,333.

Speaking on MBC channel, Jeweler Mohammed al-Arbash said the now-trending baby product wasn’t a new idea, explaining that the design concept actually dated back about thirty years.


He said his father began selling the bottles many years ago and in large quantities. Al-Arbash added he still had the gold baby bottle that his mother bought him in 1982, Al Arabiya reported.

He said the price of the bottles – which are made with gold, diamonds and other precious stones – varied depending on their weight and caliber – the gold purity in the bottles is up to 21 carat.

According to reports, a photo of one of the bottles that went viral was taken in a gold shop in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Traders say the bling baby bottles are not new but are also not widespread.


Those interested in baby bling might interested to hear that there are also Italian-gold-plated pacifiers – the price ranging $93 and $173. But unlike the bottles, the pacifiers are in high demand due to their cheap price. They are usually gifted to newborn babies.

A large number of social media users denounced the phenomenon.