BERLIN (Web Desk) – A Chinese man who had his wallet stolen a week ago at a refugee centre after mistakenly filing an asylum application instead of a police complaint.

According to details, pickpockets snatched the wallet from the 31-year-old Chinese man in Heidelberg.

The man decided to complain about the incident, but his lack of German skills apparently saw him get to the town hall instead of the police agency, RT reported.

The migrant has an identification photo taken at the registration office of the Patrick-Henry Village refugee center, Heidelberg.

The same language failings apparently led to the authorities thinking he was trying to file an asylum plea. The man filled out all the required figures and didn’t object when his recommendation was held off from him to be replaced with refugee documents.

The tourist from Beijing was then driven almost 400km to a refugee center near the town of Dulmen.

In that respect, he ran through all the usual procedure for asylum seekers, which included having his fingerprints taken, undergoing a medical check and being handed some pocket money.

The tourist then spent over a week at the middle before the confusion was eventually made up.