NEW YORK (Web Desk) – Dr Khurshid Guru, director of robotic surgery at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in upstate New York, saved the life of a 2-year-old boy suffering from severe asthma attack tens of thousands of feet in the air aboard an Air Canada flight from Spain to the US.

As Dr Guru is no stranger to innovative gadgets, the quick-thinking physician came to the rescue armed only with a plastic water bottle, a cup, some tape and an oxygen tank to save the child.

The parents of the boy, a 2-year-old, told Guru they had accidentally packed their son’s asthma medication in their luggage, reported Mail Online.

An oxygen meter showed that the toddler’s oxygen level was alarmingly low and his condition appeared to be deteriorating.

That is when the doctor built a makeshift nebulizer with the help of an oxygen tank, a plastic water bottle and a length of electrical tape.

By the time the plane landed, the 2-year-old was playing with his mother as if nothing happened.