MUMBAI – Two friends died after falling into a 2,000 feet deep valley in Indias Sindhudurg city of Maharashtra.

A video of their fall has gone viral on social media, even as their bodies are yet to be recovered, reported Indian media on Friday.

The incident took place at Kawale Saad Point in Amboli Ghat, a popular picnic point, on August 1, police said.

“Imran Garadi (26) and Pratap Rathod (21), who were part of a group of seven, fell into the valley. Their bodies are yet to be recovered,” said Sunil Dhanawade, Senior Police Inspector of Sawantwadi police station.

The video which is circulating on social media shows the two men, bottles in hand, climbing the fence around the edge of the valley and backtracking once or twice. Then the two are seen standing on the edge, beyond the fence, and slipping down.