LAS VEGAS, Nevada – A French billiards player and trick shot expert has made his way to the Guinness World Records by constructing the world’s largest pool cue and setting five other billiards-related records.

Florian “Venom Trickshots” Kohler, 28, brought the 17-foot, 7.4-inch long pool cue to an event in Las Vegas to claim the Guinness World Record for “longest usable pool cue.”

The 5.37 metres (17 ft 7.4 in) long beast was created by Florian’s sponsor, Japanese cue company MEZZ, using the same materials as a regular-sized cue.

However, to achieve the record Florian had to prove that the custom cue was fit for use by breaking and then potting seven balls – a requirement that proved extra challenging due to the fact the cue was almost too big to fit in the room!

“What none of us realised was how heavy the cue would become, causing it to bend when I held it which made things quite difficult,” said Florian after the attempt.

The weight of the cue presented an obstacle, but he was ultimately able to strike the cue ball to break and sink eight more balls.

Kohler then proceeded to set five more trick shot records including most pool balls potted into the middle pocket over an obstacle in one minute, highest jump pot of a billiard ball, fastest time to jump pot 15 pool balls (US table), fastest time to jump pot 15 pool balls (US table), one-handed, and longest duration to spin a billiard ball.

Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Sofia Greenacre was on hand to verify all of Florian’s achievements on the day.