MOSCOW (Web Desk) – A ‘powerful’ Russian doctor killed an ailing person with a single punch in his face at municipal hospital of Belgorod city of the country, an online circulating video showed.

According to Russia Today, the authorities have initiated an inquiry into the incident after it was caught in a CCTV footage from December 29 last year.

Dr in his clinic by dailypakistan

In the video a patient can be seen being examined by a nurse when a doctor enters the room and thrashes the patient saying “You touched my nurse?” In all this doctor smashed a punch in his face which resulted in death of the patient on spot.

The doctor can be seen beating another person as well in the video, who apparently fainted as a result.

The patient was asked to lay down calmly for the examination however he did not follow the procedure, the nurse can be heard telling others in the video.

The later part of the video shows the same doctor trying to pump air into the patient’s body by pressing his chest.