DOHA (Web Desk) – At least 11 people died and 18 others were injured after a fire broke out at a labor camp in Doha on Thursday night.

According to details, the blaze broke out late at night near the accommodation of men working on a tourism project.

According to Qatar’s Ministry of Interior, an investigation has been launched into the incident. The injured have been hospitalized.

Nationalities of the victims have not yet been specified.

Qatar with the highest per capita income in the world is preparing to host the World Football Cup in 2022. The Gulf country has been criticized by rights group for labor abuses and forcing workers to work in extremely harsh conditions.

An Amnesty International report published in March this year has accused Qatar of abusing World Cup workers.

The BBC has reported over 1200 deaths of laborers working on FIFA World Cup 2022 projects between 2011 and 2013, which is considerably higher than the number of worker deaths recorded in the building of other sporting stadiums around the world.

The country currently employs about 5,100 workers on World Cup sites, a number that will peak at 36,000 by 2018.