CHINA – Two Indians were arrested for allegedly assaulting a teenage Taiwanese girl inside the lift of a five-star hotel in Beijing early on Friday.

According to the Hindustan Times, the two Indians, who were a part of a group of tea traders travelling through Shanghai and Beijing, were arrested after the 17-year-old girl complained to hotel authorities about the incident.

Acting on her complaint, Jianguomen Police picked up the two men, aged 30 and 49, from the same hotel early on Friday morning.

According to the girl, the men entered the lift on the 10th floor while she was already inside it. She said that the younger man and then his older companion both asked to take photographs with her.

As the elevator came down to the first floor, the girl tried to rush out but was pulled back by the older man. The duo then swiped the elevator card up to the 10th floor again and the older man assaulted her.

During the preliminary interrogation, both suspects denied the incident but their defense crumbled when police showed them footage from the elevator camera that corroborated the sequence of events narrated by the girl. Subsequently, the two men confessed to their crime.

Sources said that the two men, who are both from Haryana, will be kept in detention till July 14.