ISLAMABAD – Pakistani journalist Moeed Pirzada has claimed that attack on Indian base in Baramula was nothing in reality, but a mistaken adventure of the Indian Border Security Force.

In post on his Facebook page, Pirzada narrated the inside story of the so-called terrorist attack saying that a BSF official had gone out for urination without informing his colleagues, and while he was returning to the camp at around 10:30pm, the sentry mistook him as a terrorist and warned all others that the camp was under attack.

“All the BSF and 46 RR soldiers immediately manned their designated posts on the outer perimeter of their respective area of responsibility and opened indiscriminate fire on every shadow they saw,” the social media post added.

While the BSF troops were busy in search operation, two of them realized that one of their man was missing. At which, they tried to reach their injured colleague and were themselves wounded by the fire of other BSF commandos.

At around 1 or 1:30 am, “The non injured BSF soldier eventually called for help and the two injured BSF personnel were evacuated to the hospital where one of them could not survive. As there were no terrorists there the local commanders, to save their necks and embarrassment announced that the ‘terrorists’ managed to escape,” it claimed.