North Korea launches 3 short-range ballistic missiles into sea

  • Missiles flew about 250km in a north-easterly direction

SEOUL – North Korea has fired three short-range ballistic missiles into sea following South Korea’s military drill along with the US, international media reported.

The missiles covered around 250km distance after they were launched from a site in Gangwon province at 21:49 GMT on Friday, said South Korean officials.

Following launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile last month, Pyongyang has threatened to hit US Pacific territory of Guam with missile

The BBC News quoting US military said that the recent launch did not threaten the US and its territory, adding that such test usually conducted following military exercise of South Korea involving the US.

It is notable that now a days joint military drills involving US and South Korean troops are being conducted.

Earlier, the US military initially claimed and two of the missiles failed to complete the flight, but later it emerged that one appears to have exploded almost immediately.

The South Korean defence ministry said: “The military is keeping a tight surveillance over the North to cope with further provocations.”

The two Koreas are indulged into war since the 1950-1953 Korean War ended following a truce.