WASHINGTON (News Desk) – As United States President Barack Obama has entered into last year of his stay at the White House, he is seemingly not interested to run for presidency in November 2016 polls even if there was no 22nd amendment in US constitution which prohibited presidents from running for third term.

In an interview with CBS News, Barack Obama, when asked if he would have run for presidency if he was allowed constitutionally, said “No, I wouldn’t.”

While telling the reason behind his candid reply he said that his wife Michelle would not have allowed him to do so.

And probably there were several other reasons as well because the US president said “number one reason” Michelle would not have allowed me.

That is why, Obama further continued “Even though I strongly believe that I am still enough good as US president, I want this office to get some new energy.”

Despite my all good time as president, I still want few new legs to runs this office,” he went on to say.

He said that sometimes he also felt absolutely tired and frustrated, during his stay at the White House.