BENGALURU – An old lady in the Indian state of Karnataka, guarding a huge tranche of black money, let loose her dogs on income tax officials who raided at her apartment.

The raiding party, however, succeeded in dealing with the canines and seized Rs 2.89 crore of unaccounted cash, including Rs 2.25 crore in Rs 2000 notes, from her apartment in Yeshwantpura in North Bengaluru.

According to income tax department officials, they had received a tip-off about a large cache of cash stored in an apartment inhabited only by an old lady and her two dogs. On Tuesday, when income tax officials tried to raid the flat, they were stopped by the elderly woman who then let the dogs loose on the officials, the Times of India reported.

Later, the officials entered the flat with the help of the police and the neighbours, and found that one room was locked.

The Income tax officials detained a man who first claimed that the money belonged to a club in the vicinity. A subsequent raid in the club proved that this was false. “Finally he admitted that the money was his unaccounted income. The entire cash has been seized and further investigation is in progress in this case,” income tax officials told Times of India.