NEW DELHI (Web Desk) – The Indian government is planning to slap terror charges on the televangelist Zakir Naik and to declare the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) an ‘unlawful’ organisation owing to the suspision that the cleric preaches extremism through his sermons

According to reports, top government sources revealed that the Indian home ministry has decided to charge Naik under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) for speeches the ministry and the Maharashtra government has allegedly found containing extremist content, Times of India reported.

“The primary ground for invoking terror charges against Naik are statements by those involved in past terror acts, conceding that they were motivated by his speeches,” an intelligence officer said.

Further, authorities in India have also decided to ban Naik’s NGO under the same law on grounds of spreading hatred through his speeches. Once the ban is implemented, IRF and its associate organisations across India, will be shut down.

Zakir’s Peace Tv was banned by Bangla administration last month after Dhaka Cafe attackers reportedly said that they were inspired by the religious cleric.

On the other hand, Zakir clarified hi9s position and gainsaid allegations hurled at him in the wake of investigations.

“I do not support terrorism or violence in any form whatsoever. I have never supported any terrorist organisations and have mentioned this over and over again in thousands of my public talks worldwide,” he said. I strongly condemn anyone taking my statements out of context and using it for violence of any form, the televangelist said.