#JusticeforChuck – Man shoots neighbour's dog dead in DHA Lahore on New Year

Police have arrested the resident of P-Block for using a unlicensed rifle to kill the 9-year-old pet animal and for threatening the family

11:08 PM | 2 Jan, 2021
#JusticeforChuck – Man shoots neighbour's dog dead in DHA Lahore on New Year

LAHORE – A man mercilessly shot and killed his neighbours' pet dog in Lahore's Defence Housing Authority on the New Year’s Eve.

Ahmed Umer Saqib used a rifle to kill the Pitbull thrice at 3am, before threatening the family of dire consequences.

The 9-year-old Chuck, according to the owner, was a very friendly dog and was happily living with a pet cat inside the house in P-Block of DHA Phase-I.

“Our chuck was docile, he lived with our cat Mao and her multiple litter of kittens for the last 9 years. He was like a baby,” wrote the canine's owner in her Facebook post.

Not only that the man killed the dog in the dead of the night amid fireworks and celebrations for the New Year, he also hurled threats and abuses at his women neighbours when they confronted the man after hearing the gunshots.

Soon as the family approached him, he did confess to have killed the dog giving a lame excuse that he "wanted to protect his 4-year-old daughter from the dog who was about to attack her, and it was in her defence that he shot the dog." 

Later upon inquiry, it was found that neither he had a daughter nor any other child at his home. 

In an absurd justification, he mentioned that Pitbull is a "dangerous breed and banned in the United States." 

While verbally abusing and threatening to assault the women, the man called the cops himself only to be arrested by the police but not silently.  

Upon arrival of police, he started hurling abuses and insults on the women again and their driver who was accompanying them, falsely claiming to be an attorney of the National Accountably Bureau (NAB) – as if, he is immune to the law. 

Later in the police station, it was discovered that he owned an unlicensed firearm, which used to kill the poor animal.

While at the police station, he was asked the reason for abusing the women, to which he laughed and continued using his phone. 

He also abused the police officials, 'ordering' them to file an FIR against the owners of the dog. 

The accused has committed certain offences including, harassing women, killing a harmless pet animal, owning and using illegal weapon and abusing the police officials to name a few. 

Investigation was underway till Saturday night, while the family remained in distress and were afraid of their safety.