Queen RiRi is trouble and this is how

10:06 PM | 2 May, 2018
Queen RiRi is trouble and this is how
Our Queen RiRi is in trouble for alleged stealing of another fashion brands logo. This isn’t not the first time celebrities have been called out for stealing logos and designs. Recently, Kim K has been accused of copying the design for her new perfume bottles. Rihanna collaborated with Puma for her ‘Fenty University’ merchandise.

Puma x Fenty

Freedom United is an American brand which is threatening to sue Puma along with Fenty University for copying their “F.U” logo. The initials in this line are used for “Fenty University”. The case is causing a stir because the copyrights of these initials have supposedly owned by Freedom United for a few years. The American brand has sent Puma a cease-desist letter and asked the company to stop selling the merchandise and revealed the sales of the product so far so they can claim their copyrights.


However Queen’s team shot back at the American company by stating how ‘F.U’ are nothing unique as they are just initials and it doesn't count as infringement, even the font is different. The American brand is not ready to let go of this case without a fight and plans to file a lawsuit against other parties involved.

Dont mess with the Queen;