Never let go of your Dreams

06:53 PM | 3 Feb, 2020
Never let go of your Dreams

Everyone wishes for a secure and prosperous future – a dream that sadly remains unfulfilled for most of the people in Pakistan, who are struggling to meet their needs.

Most of us are worried about how we can provide our children with the best education, besides securing a comfortable retirement for ourselves. While we shape the course of our goals in the face of adversity, many of us stop chasing our dreams at some point in our lives.

At the same time, Pakistan’s leading insurance company, Adamjee Life believes everyone deserves to have the same opportunities, and everyone should be given a chance to follow their dreams.


Its new DVC features an ambitious girl, Sakina Khan, who aspires to become an architect and dreams to build her own house someday. Her father, a laborer by profession, works hard to provide funds for her early education. But, as she graduates from the college, Sakina fears she would never achieve her dream. However, her father’s wise decision of opting for Adamjee Life’s insurance plan paved the way for her dreams.

Imagine how one right decision can change our children’s lives, where not only will they actually live their dreams but they’ll also reach the ultimate goal of establishing themselves as strong, independent individuals.

In KhwaabonKoAurZindagiDo, we get a glimpse of how Adamjee Life is empowering people with a vision, enabling them to realize their dreams, and also playing a pivotal role in the development of our society. The wide range of Adamjee Life plans are there to fulfill your dreams, whether it is your child’s education, their wedding, your retirement or your investment and savings.

Most importantly, it makes us realize that one should never stop dreaming, because dreams do come true. Just take the right step today with Adamjee Life and watch your dreams turn into reality!