These 6 forts of Pakistan are a must visit once in your lifetime

01:27 PM | 3 Oct, 2018
These 6 forts of Pakistan are a must visit once in your lifetime
LAHORE -  Pakistan is a land of history, culture, and art. This country is enriched with centuries-old  history and remains of human civilization. One gets amazed to see historical sites spread all over the country. Each fort and castle reflects it's creator identity in terms of architecture, civilization, remains, and construction.

There are many locations in each province of the country which are relatively unknown.

As the weather is changing and the pleasant atmosphere demands traveling to wonderful outdoor places. Apart from northern areas, Here were are guiding you with the list of these castles and forts of Pakistan.

You will love visiting these sites with your loved ones:

Baltit Fort:

located in the scenic Hunza Valley, Baltit Fort was built in the 8th CE, it has been on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative list since 2004.

Derawar Fort:

Qilla Derawar is a magnificent beauty in the Cholistan Desert. It is located 130 km south of the city of Bahawalpur. The best time to see it is in February during the famous jeep rally. This fort is a beauty in the mighty desert.

Ranikot Fort :

Sindh too has its own share of fort glory in the form of Ranikot Fort which is located near Sann in Jamshoro District. It is also known as known as "The Great Wall of Sindh" and is believed to be the largest fort in the whole world.

Lahore Fort :

This is a citadel in the city of Lahore, located at the northern end of the famous walled city. It is spread more than 20 hectares and is a remarkable reminder of the glory and downfall of the Mughal empire.

Ramkot Fort :

Ramkot Fort is an ancient fort in Azad Kashmir providing stunning views of the Mangla Dam. It is accessible through boat only. The exact location is 13 kilometers away from Dina and 79 kilometers from Mirpur.

Shigar Fort :

The Shigar Fort might not be as majestic as other forts on this list, however, it is its location in a peaceful quiet village, its quaint garden and sitting spots such as the one in the picture above.