4,400 year old tomb of an ancient woman has been discovered

05:56 PM | 4 Feb, 2018
4,400 year old tomb of an ancient woman has been discovered

After 109 years of searching for a country’s antiquities Minister announced the first discovery of 2018 on Saturday


Egypt: Minister of antiquities Khaled El-Enany during a press conference at the tomb in Giza’s western cemetery unveiled the details of this discovery. The tomb was discovered in October 2017 and that’s when they started to dig deep to get as much information and history as possible.

Archeologists believe that the tomb belongs to a high-ranking powerful female Hetpet. She lived in the 5th dynasty, and also is believed to be a priest according to the Egyptian media.

Mostafa Al Waziri who led the archeological mission told CBC how Hetpet might also have another tomb in Giza western necropolis. That area is known to be the home of top officials , Egypt’s Old kingdom.

This tomb consists of old Egyptian paintings which gives us more insight of the 5th dynasty. It is an L shaped shrine which contains a purifying basin including a rectangular area surrounded with incense holders for making offerings. However there is a missing statue which is supposed to be the owner of the tomb.

"Scenes of reaping fruits, melting metals and the fabrication of leather and papyri boats as well as musical and dancing performances are also shown on walls,”-  Waziri

He explained that there are paintings of monkeys which are particularly notable.

This has not only unlocked a whole world of new learnings and information of civilizations but it will also be a great attraction for tourists from around the world. Egypt is facing serious tourism downfall but discoveries like this and more can gain tourism which will generate revenue. However the archeologists are given very few funds to carry out the procedures and steps which can lead to massive discoveries.