Knorr's 'Aik Zaroori Baat'-Jo bachon ko smjhani hay!

06:31 PM | 4 Feb, 2018
Knorr's 'Aik Zaroori Baat'-Jo bachon ko smjhani hay!
The recent wave of terrible incidents in Pakistan have really highlighted the pervasive issue of child abuse within the nation and they are all the more reason that some initiative is taken to address the lack of awareness and education that parents have regarding the potential wellbeing and safety of their children. In Pakistan, it is usually considered taboo for families to discuss such sensitive topics openly due to the fear of having such an awkward conversation, more so because parents may also not know how to communicate this to their children. Besides equipping parental figures with this knowledge, it is crucial that children know how to act in any life threatening situations and since our children are more vulnerable than ever, we need to break away from the norm of staying silent and start having these important conversations with them.

If, being a parent you are confused as to how to engage your child and start a discussion, this can be done in very smart and subtle ways; such as showing your child the recent safety awareness videos launched by Knorr, aptly titled, ‘Aik Zaroori Baat. The brief but extremely informative video messages tackle vital conversations which will help children differentiate between good and bad touch and how to avoid interactions with strangers at all costs! The videos also provide relatable and child-friendly lessons as they are conveyed by animated characters, Chatty and Chucky-who are both liked and trusted. The videos also do not touch upon any material which parents may not like their children viewing and handle the topic in a very comfortable manner.

Besides having this conversation with your child, you as a parent can help them navigate their way in such uncertain and dangerous times by not only being more open and receptive to your child but also by stressing on the importance of staying alert and being cautious, especially in public spaces, even if they are with you. It is up to you to create a safe space for your children where they can come up to you to share and not make them afraid to tell you the truth. If you feel like your child is hiding something or is quieter than usual, don’t brush it off, rather be more understanding and approach them yourself. It is important to remember that an aware and empowered child will be far more confident in confiding with you and will be far safer as well.

The timing for these videos could not have been more perfect as conversations like these are of the utmost importance. So remember, awareness is the key to empowerment and to ensuring that your child will be equipped to protect themselves. Be sure to share these videos with your loved ones to educate as many people as possible!

If you haven’t seen these videos yet, click on the links below and watch them with your children now. Let’s educate and empower our kids and eliminate child abuse together.