Rescue 15 launches Android App to make crime reporting quick

05:36 PM | 4 Jul, 2015
Rescue 15 launches Android App to make crime reporting quick
LAHORE (Staff Report) - Lahore Police have launched Rescue 15 Android App to make crime reporting system quick, easy and remote.

Now, citizens can report a crime directly from the crime scene to get instant response and assistance with the help of this application.

With the assistance of Android App, citizens will be able to get following facilities:

  1. FIRs are duly registered and no FIR/ complaint is refused
  2. To find out if dilatory tactics are being adopted by the investigation officers in the cases assigned to them.
  3. To develop and maintain databases of crime, prisoners, and stolen vehicles, etc
  4. To collect statistics of various kinds of cases registered and disposed off during a specified period.
  5. To find out if any person is unlawfully and unauthorizedly detained at the police stations and to take necessary steps for the release of such person(s) in accordance with law.
  6. To assist the police in taking steps for preservation of peace and the prevention or detection of crimes.




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It is pertinent to mention here that about 60 percent of Pakistanis use smartphones.