Exclusive Interview: A heart-to-heart with Humaira Asghar Ali

11:28 AM | 4 Oct, 2016
Exclusive Interview: A heart-to-heart with Humaira Asghar Ali
There are a few people who come to mind as talented and multi-skilled as Humaira Asghar Ali. Making her name in the Pakistan Industry in the field of modelling, she plans to pursue acting in the future.

As the famous saying goes 'beauty may be dangerous but intelligence is lethal', it is perhaps true (and both) in the case of this woman. A painter, designer, sculptor and theater actor (yes, all in one), Humaira got her education in Visual Arts & Performing Arts (Theatre, mime, production) from NCA and PUCAD. 

Daily Pakistan decided to take an interview of this remarkable woman and ask her about some of her achievements:

Describe yourself as a person. What kind of a person are you, and how would you want people to describe you?

I'm a very simple and straight forward person. My upbringing was quite strict because of my father, who belonged to an army background (Army Officer/Doctor).

He always treated us like boys, and put alot of faith in us and trusted us. It made me very down-to-earth, humble and hard-working.

I'm a person who wants to work in the best possible way, and I love that about myself the most. Work is my passion, my obsession and my life!

Wardrobe: DSS Pret by DurreShehwar

Tell us more about your sculpting and graduation from NCA. What department did you excel in and how did you decide to join the media field?

I'm a painter and a sculpting artist, and I got my formal training and degree in Visual Arts and Performing Arts from NCA and CAD Fine Arts College of Art and Design. Art is my first and last love, and I'm still loving it.

Humaira's Artwork during days at NCA

Visual and Performing Arts I believe are the best mediums to express your inner self, the way you get affected from the society around you and from other human beings close to you.

I did some serious theater in college and university, however, once I graduated I focused more on the modelling side of the industry. I am planning to bring my artwork to display soon, and plan to hold exhibitions.


What do you do on a day off by yourself?

Let's see, that depends! I relax mostly (laughs). I like to go to the spa and treat myself, or go out with my close friends for food and movies. Sometimes, I stay at home and cook for my friends, or just spend time by myself at home alone sometimes. It's all about the mood I'm in.

What is your biggest achievement?

Still waiting for it!

How would you want people to remember you?

I would want people to remember me as a good human being, and as an artist who created few of the best artworks in history. I'm a self made person, so I would love for people to remember me like that.

Wardrobe: Nofil Bridals, London Photography: Fakir Iftikhar

A word of advice for women who are looking forward to becoming media personalities?

I would advise those women to finish their studies first (because that's the most important thing before entering ANY field). Grooming your personality is another important factor in being successful; you need to learn how to talk to people and carry yourself at the same time. Set your goals, and work hard; DO NOT take any shortcuts into the field and just follow your dreams :)

Respect yourself first, always.

A message for all your fans?

Thankyou to all my fans and followers, and my loved ones; it is through your support that I can continue with so much zest! I love working, and I love when I get the appreciation from all of you. Thankyou so much, love you all.

Artwork by Humaira Asghar Ali

Rapid Fire Questions:

5 things you cannot leave home without?

- Cell phone, Ray ban (blue shades), Body mist (CK), Keys of my car & house, Mini makeup-up Kit

5 things that are always on your mind?

-Work, work and more work, giving the best at everything I'm doing, staying in touch with my close friends, staying in touch with me and myself, and lastly, work!

3 people in your life that matter to you the most?

- My parents, my childhood friends (few)

3 favourite designers of yours?

- Ellie Saab, Zuhair murad, Versace

Wardrobe: DSS Pret by DurreShehwar

3 favourite people in the media for you?

-I wouldn't say I have three. All are professionals, and dear friends of mine now.

What is your ultimate fantasy as a star?

- Im not gonna tell you (laughs). You have to wait to see that in real!

We LOVED interviewing Humaira Asghar Ali, and as you all can see from her answers and from her history what a hard-working, self-made woman looks (and works) like. We wish Humaira all the best for her future endeavours, and hope to see more of her artwork soon. Good luck, Humaira!

Featured Image: DSS Pret by DurreShehwar

Wardrobe: DSS Pret by DurreShehwar, Nofil Bridals London

Makeup By: Imran