UK based publication names Ali Zafar, Bilal Ashraf in ‘sexiest Asian men’ list for 2019

B-Town actor Hrithik Roshan topped the list with maximum number of votes.

02:03 PM | 5 Dec, 2019
UK based publication names Ali Zafar, Bilal Ashraf in ‘sexiest Asian men’ list for 2019

Pakistani superstar Bilal Ashraf has been named as the sexiest Pakistani man in the world by a British Asian publication. Ranked seven, the talented actor was the only Pakistani to make it into the top 10 of a list based on votes from fans around the world, the buzz generated on social networking sites, positive impact, and media attention.

Bilal was taken by surprise with the news and told the publication: "I am beyond humbled to be featured as part of a list among such legendary gentlemen and that, year on year, has generated so much attention globally. This has come to me as an amazing surprise and such moments make the struggle and commitment we all put into our work all worth the while. This encourages me to try my best to further myself in my field. I'm extremely grateful for this recognition."

This rounds off a great year for the actor, which included a lead role opposite popular actress Mahira Khan in hit film Superstar.

Bollywood heartthrob Hrithik Roshan rounded off a dream year, which included an acclaimed performance in hit film Super 30 and headlining Bollywood's biggest grossing 2019 movie War by being crowned the sexiest Asian man in the world. 

Roshan was also named sexiest Asian man of the decade and said: "I would like to thank everyone who feels so and has voted for me. I am flattered but I also know that it is not an achievement. Just a person's looks are not relevant in the larger scheme of things. I don't judge people by the way they look. Similarly, I don't judge myself either by the way I look. What is attractive in a person is his/her story, journey and the way that person has dealt with situations in his/her own life. Looking a certain way for my characters is just a part of my job which takes a lot of effort and hard work," said Hrithik Roshan.

The top 10 for sexiest Asian men of the decade were named as Hrithik Roshan (1), Zayn Malik (2), Ali Zafar (3), Vivian Dsena (4), Salman Khan (5), Shahid Kapoor (6), Virat Kohli (7), Ranbir Kapoor (8), Ranveer Singh (9) and Prabhas (10).

Sexiest Pakistani of the decade Ali Zafar said: "What can I say. The love bestowed upon me repeatedly over the years is heartwarming. I am just a boy, well now a man, trying to make some art and never thought of myself as the voted icon, nonetheless my profound gratitude to all the fans and the magazine for the honour."