Mansha Pasha gets angry on this Fairness Cream for using image without consent

11:00 AM | 5 Jul, 2018
Mansha Pasha gets angry on this Fairness Cream for using image without consent

KARACHI- Well-known Pakistani Drama actress and dusky beauty Mansha Pasha has recently expressed sheer anger against a common used Pakistani fairness beauty cream brand.

A local whitening product Faiza beauty cream has used   Mansha Pasha’s picture in the brochure for their latest campaign without taking any permission from Mansha.

The Sher-e-zaat star took to her Instagram account and shared that she is not in favor of such things and her image had been used without asking her.

She wrote: “What is wrong with people? For the record I haven’t done any fairness cream campaigns, I don’t believe in it. This is not an endorsed campaign I haven’t done it. It’s a used picture.

And why do people keep obsessing over color?? Yes, I used to be darker, I’m still tan but light, camera, angles make a huge difference!

People grow people change. Stop obsessing guys! Dark, tan, fair ITS ALL BEAUTIFUL IN ITS OWN WAY! It’s your thinking that’s all!”

It is surely an illegal act by Faiza Beauty Cream and Pasha has done right by slamming the brand. We are in favor of the actress and this is a very unethical act by the local brand.

Mansha has all the right reason to get angry! Because if the person does not endorse the idea for fairness cream how can you use his or her image for the branding purpose. Plus it is a crime to use someone photos without any legal procedure for branding and against the mannerism too.

We are waiting to see a change in our society when people start to judge a person by his or her deeds rather than complexion and the beauty standards are not at all based on complexion and color.

Beauty lies in the way one carries him or herself. These old beauty standards should be eradicated from the mind of the people. The obsession of Fair Complexion should end and everyone should be proud of the skin they are born with.

We hope you will agree with us too!