PML-N garners bigger public support on rising injustice: Nawaz Sharif

11:25 AM | 5 Mar, 2018
PML-N garners bigger public support on rising injustice: Nawaz Sharif
ISLAMABAD - Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Monday once again lashed out at court decisions against him and his party Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N).

Talking to media outside the accountability court, the former premier said that lawmakers faced difficulty while casting vote in Senate election since party candidates were contesting the election as independent without the PML-N electoral symbol.

Talking about the party's victory in Sargodha by-election on Sunday, Sharif said that PML-N’s candidate won the seat with around 20,000 votes despite contesting election without party symbol.

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Without naming the judiciary, the disqualified prime minister said, “Will they erase us by snatching our electoral symbol?”

“It is not only me, but the nation is calling for the sanctity of the vote,” he said, adding that more injustice meting out to the PML-N was bringing bigger public support for the party.

“Are the people herd of cattle or sheep which can be steered to any direction,” he questioned, adding that the time of treating people as herd has passed.

Discussing his disqualification, Nawaz said that he did not kill or loot anyone adding that he was not 'Godfather or Sicilian Mafia'. He said that an elected prime minister was thrown out by four or five people without any reason.

“People are accepting me even more as they [judiciary] are disqualifying me,” he said.

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