Mohsin Abbas Haider opens up about comparison with Ranveer Singh

09:21 PM | 5 Oct, 2022
Mohsin Abbas Haider opens up about comparison with Ranveer Singh

Lollywood singer and actor Mohsin Abbas Haider possesses unparalleled talent and versatility but when it comes to his fashion sense, Haider has a brother, if not a twin across the borders – found in one of the most jovial, talented, and effervescent actors in Bollywood, much like the Lashkara star himself.

During a television show, Good Morning Pakistan, Haider addressed the comparison between his quirky and bright outfits with Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh.  

The Meeras star talked about his habit of wearing bright neon shades. Haider stated, ‘In the industry, these eye-catching and neon shades are associated with me. My friends call me before an event and suggest that I shouldn't wear such a dress,”  to which the host Nida Yasir replied, “So you are Ranveer Singh of our Industry?”

In the comparison with Singh, Haider said, “First of all I really respect Ranveer Singh, he’s a great actor but I think he’s been in the industry for 10 years, however, I am in the industry for 18 years. I have been pretty synonymous with wearing striking and unconventional dresses. You could say that I have been making such fashion statements for quite some time”.

On the work front, Haider has been praised for his performance in Jo Na Mil Sakay, Siyani, Mohabbat Chor Di Maine, Baddua, Baaji, Meri guriya, Muqabil, Meeras, Lashkara and is gearing up for Once Upon a Time in Karachi.

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