Armeena Khan slams celebrities who use 'religious extremism' for success

06:14 PM | 6 Oct, 2021
Armeena Khan slams celebrities who use 'religious extremism' for success

Armeena Rana Khan continues to break stereotypes as she refuses to shy away from voicing out her opinions unlike the majority of the celebrities who like to play safe and avoid trolls.

The Janaan actor who has garnered quite a reputation for being outspoken has this time penned her thoughts about religious extremism rapidly paving its way into showbiz.

Turning to her Twitter handle, the BinRoye star unapologetically criticised and mocked the stars who indulge in 'religious extremism' to help their careers flourish.

“Advancing acting careers using religious extremism seems to be quite the ‘in’ thing these days.” She then asked with a giggling emoji, “Can’t make it without huh?”

“I’ve also observed that no matter what religion you follow, if you’re an extremist then your interpretation of that religion will be extreme also.” On the contrary, she reinstated how a “well-balanced person” will interpret their religion with just that; “balance.”

While Khan did not explicitly mention names of the celebrities who opt to garner praises from their religious views, in recent times many stars have decided to follow a religious and spiritual path like Sanam Chaudhry, Feroze Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi.

On the work front, Khan has stepped into the world of filmmaking as she is all set to produce her first short film ‘Snapshot’.

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