Asim Azhar's clarification regarding engagement rumours make fans suspicious

09:43 PM | 7 Jul, 2021
Asim Azhar's clarification regarding engagement rumours make fans suspicious

Ghalat Fehmi crooner Asim Azhar has stepped forward as he clears the air regarding his engagement rumours to fashion model Merub Ali that had left the internet in chaos.

Addressing and rubbishing the speculations, he highlights that the floating screenshot of a chat with a fan is absolutely 'fake' but doesn't clearly snubs the engagement reports

Further, the Yaad singer turned to his social media handle to break his silence on the controversy associated with him.

"Dear fans, The screenshot floating around of my chat with a fan is FAKE. I request all to not spread it any further. Also, any announcement regarding my life will be made from me directly to you like always. I love you guys, Asim"

Earlier, rumours were rife that Asim and Merub had a ‘secret’ engagement. However, his followers are still not satisfied since Asim just rubbished the screenshot but did not address the major controversy directly.

As for the notorious screenshot, it is a picture of Asim’s alleged DM to a ‘fan’ in which he says, “Hi, please don’t post such things which can affect my family and friends. Whatever you are posting about me and Merub is not true. She is a really good family friend of mine and I consider her like my sister.”

Further, he allegedly adds: “And I request you to please remove the post portraying wrong messages about me and Meerub. Thank you to each and every one of you for supporting me throughout.”

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