Uber in Lahore: First Impressions + Free Promo Code

04:11 PM | 7 Mar, 2016
Uber in Lahore: First Impressions + Free Promo Code
Lahore (Web Desk) - Uber has finally arrived in Lahore. Over the first weekend of Uber's exitance in Pakistan, Uber was free for everyone. You could call a car, go from point A to point B all over Lahore absolutely free and it seems that half of Lahore did exactly that.

Our first impressions with Uber were not very good. Apparently it was impossible finding a ride because the whole Lahore had decided not to let this amazing offer go. After spending a whole day trying to get an Uber ride, we finally succeed.

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Once the ride was requested it was fairly easy from there. The driver promptly arrived at the front door of the house in a few minutes, the car was a fairly new and clean Toyota Corolla. A 7-10 KM ride that would have costed 200 on a rickshaw cost us around Rs 400. This is not bad, considering the quality and promptness of the ride. Since this ride was for free, we did not pay for it but would have gladly, it was so convenient.

All in all it was a very pleasant experience.

Uber and other such services can be a game changer for not only young urban middle-class demographic but also for families and who don't own cars and don't choose to go out frequently because of the poor state of public transportation.

Even though the inital three-day offer for free rides is over, you can still use the following promo code to get your first ride worth Rs.1500 completely free. Use the following promo code while signing up: vl64m