Delve into your choice of the finest home-delivered Japanese cuisine at Sarah's Pantry

02:44 PM | 7 Mar, 2017
Delve into your choice of the finest home-delivered Japanese cuisine at Sarah's Pantry
Food has always had a place in art. And especially so, when it comes to preparing Japanese cuisines.

Japanese food is one of the world's most diverse cuisines, filled to the brim with fresh vegetables and all types of meats and sea food, raw in nature, organic in kind and grilled to the core.

There are limited options for Japanese restaurants and food choices Pakistan, therefore Japanese food lovers are severely restricted for choice. Amongst the most popular and widely known restaurants in Lahore, FujiyamaWasabi, Asian Aroma and Tao to name a few, certainly stay true to their Japanese nature, quality and ambiance.

But, wait..

Is the relationship between food and art taking a new turn? We have the answers to all your questions.

Sarah's Pantry is one individual's burning quest for running her own Japanese culinary business from home. Echoing the essence of her tagline, 'Healthy life, healthy choices', Sarah works with an intense passion and inspiration to introduce her mouth-watering little steamed dumplings to the ever growing target market of perfectly textured Japanese taste buds.

Sarah masters the craft of all things Japanese, from home-made variations of Ramen to freshly grown kale turned into kale chips, delicious classic gyozas of your favourite customized flavor fillings to warm dumpling soups, all served according to your wildest fantasies with delightful pieces of yummy sushi and amazing statement style home-made brownies! Sarah finds motivation for her dishes in her travel trips abroad and makes sure her luggage is always packed with all the necessary food and cutlery from different places she visits.

The 'Sarah's Pantry' home-based restaurant business refuses to settle for the kind of gloopy flour balls that wind up in a paste on the roof of your mouth or some other half-hearted attempt from a noninstitutional cafeteria. With continuous zeal and fervor, it makes sure that food lovers in the city never have to compromise on healthiness for taste in regards to affordable home-delivered food sent out right to your doorstep.


A perfect dinner of aesthetically and divinely pleasing pouches of sushi with some spinach and prawn wontons at Sarah's Pantry


What will you fill your little pockets of happiness with today? Introducing prawn with spinach filling and prawn with chicken filling, all at Sarahs Pantry!


The many fresh ingredient choices for yummy dumpling fillings at Sarahs Pantry


Order your perfect warm serving of dumpling soup with a garnish of sauces and sprouts that accentuate the dish's focal point, at Sarahs Pantry


Delicious and exquisite dumpling styles with succulent fillings full of flavour paired with the most delicious of sauces, at Sarahs Pantry!