Nestlé teaches chefs the magic of dessert making

10:12 PM | 7 Oct, 2019
Nestlé teaches chefs the magic of dessert making

Nestlé has just launched a new initiative and we are all for it! YOCUTA, short for Young Culinary Talents, is a training program for upcoming chefs to improve employability in Pakistan. Not only are they training chefs about professionalism, CV making, improving their interviewing skills and nutrition knowledge, they are also teaching them to work their magic when it comes to dessert making!

This program has been launched under Nestlé’s global, Nestlé Needs YOUth initiative, which aims to economically empower 10 million youth around the world. To that end, the company has been investing in programs that will help young individuals train for the demands of the market.

YOCUTA held its first training workshop, in collaboration with COTHM and recruited a batch of 40 students to receive hands-on training from the experts. The two-week patisserie training session consisted of lecture sessions as well as hands-on exercises, enabling culinary experts to develop a specialization in desserts.

The last two days of the training were dedicated to practical work. 40 students were divided among 8 teams, given the same ingredients and were asked to the same recipes at a certain time. Through this, the talent of the chefs was made quite easy to measure.

The cook-offs were nothing short of intense! The frenzy and excitement in the kitchen were palpable as the teams set their hearts at outshining the rest. From making desserts to plating them, each task required precision and team effort.

The judges were there to evaluate the dishes as well as give detailed feedback to the students, which they found quite beneficial! All participants were given appreciation certificates and the top 3 teams were given trophies for performing so well. Students who got the chance to attend this workshop were all praises for it and said that it had definitely added to their experience as well as skill.

Samer Chedid, Managing Director, Nestlé Pakistan, while sharing his views about the initiative said, “This program is in line with our global commitment to help 10 million young people access opportunities by 2030. Through the YOCUTA initiative, we will be offering training, practical skills, and knowledge in important areas like professionalism, basic culinary skills and background knowledge of the social issues affecting the foodservice environment. I am delighted that as a first step we were able to train more than 40 talented students and we hope to reach out to many more aspiring chefs in Pakistan in the future.”

Abdullah Jawaid, Business Executive Officer (BEO), Nestlé Professional, said, “YOCUTA is more than just a one-time event. It is, in fact, a commitment to our communities to create more opportunities for young people, while supporting the future needs of the foodservice industry. This initiative will help us play our role in empowering the youth of Pakistan to gain access to employment and enhance their career in the foodservice industry.”

Nestlé has been outstanding in its efforts to give back to the community and the company investing in the future of our youth is reason enough to love it.