Appointment of top envoy to US in limbo as Aizaz Chaudhry's tenure ends

09:25 AM | 8 Mar, 2018
Appointment of top envoy to US in limbo as Aizaz Chaudhry's tenure ends
ISLAMABAD - One of the seasoned diplomats, Pakistan's ambassador to the US, Aizaz Chaudhry, has completed his tenure, ending on February 25, ARY News reported.

Despite his retirement, the Pakistani government has not selected anyone so far to appoint a new envoy in a country where active diplomacy is required to mend relations. The US is pushing Islamabad to take action against militants on its ground by ignoring its counterinsurgency efforts.

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The media outlet quoting sources claimed that Aizaz Chaudhry sought two-year extension in his tenure, adding that a final decision is yet to be taken.

Last year in March, the government had appointed Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry as Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States.

Before the latest appointment, Chaudhry had been performing duties as foreign secretary. He has been replaced with Tehmina Janjua last year.

He is a career foreign service officer with over 36 years of bilateral and multilateral experience in the field of diplomacy.

Chaudhry effectively handled the situation when US President Donald Trump tried to put pressure on Pakistan while announcing South Asia policy. He also presented Pakistan's stance efficiently.

Last month, the ambassador delivered a talk on Pakistan-US relations at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

In his remarks, the ambassador highlighted the importance of having good relations between Pakistan and the United States which have historically seen highs and lows in the last 70 years.

Both countries had benefited whenever they had worked together. Therefore, it was imperative that they continue to work together to secure peace and stability in Afghanistan and the region, despite strained ties due to divergent approaches.

He emphasized that although Pakistan desired good relations with the US, it cannot be scapegoated for the failures of others in Afghanistan. Peace in Afghanistan was in Pakistan’s own interest. However, peace would remain elusive by the pursuit of a purely military solution. Political reconciliation was the only option to move forward, he added.

The ambassador said that there were no safe havens in Pakistan today, thanks to the remarkable success of military operations in the tribal areas conducted by Pakistani security forces in the last three years.