Ali Azmat was not welcomed at relatives’ home due to his profession

11:18 AM | 8 Oct, 2019
Ali Azmat was not welcomed at relatives’ home due to his profession
KARACHI - Pakistani rockstar Ali Azmat had recently revealed that he was restricted from visiting his relatives’ house after them finding out about his profession.

While appearing as a TV show guest, Say it all with Iffat Omar, the acclaimed artist highlighted how singing is often not considered a respectable pursuit in our society till today.

Best known as the lead singer of Sufi-rock band Junoon, Azmat said that prior to performing small gigs in Lahore with his first band Jupiter, he earned Rs.500 by performing in schools, colleges and private events with local bands. “From that, I would spend Rs 50 to eat Anda Paratha and save the remaining amount,” he said.

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He further shared that his neighbours were surprised to see him purchase his first bike worth Rs. 30,000 and accused him of being a robber.

His side income also raised a lot of eyebrows which used to come from purchasing products from flea markets and selling them to his rich friends.

“When I handed the profit to my mother she thought that I had started robbing as well. Following which, making her witness that competition became necessary and she supported my then onward,” he shared.

All this, however, didn’t make a difference and Azmat went onto become a successful musician with his parent’s support and the talent he possesses.

The singer is a firm believer that no one can stop talent from emerging.

Enjoy watching the candid conversation between the two talented stars:

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