Ayeza Khan in hot water for endorsing whitening cream

10:17 AM | 9 Oct, 2020
Ayeza Khan in hot water for endorsing whitening cream

Our society has always equated fair skin as beautiful, something to strive and attain for, while darker skin has always been degraded and shamed.

Being dusky has always been a big no no in the sub-continent. The obsession with fairness is widespread across South Asia and every third commercial on TV provokes the desi viewer to feel more uncomfortable in his or her skin tone. 

Advertisements for whitening or skin brightening products silently breed low self-esteem in large batches.

While the “gora craze” plagues our society in general, celebs should know better than to endorse fairness creams.

Recently, Ayeza Khan starred in a Faiza Beauty Cream ad and received criticism on her choice to do so.

And ever since the ad has come out, a lot of fans have called out the ‘Mere Pass Tum Ho’ star for promoting a whitening solution:

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