Sonya Hussyn responds to backlash over her uneducated statement on Autism

01:33 PM | 10 Aug, 2020
Sonya Hussyn responds to backlash over her uneducated statement on Autism

Last week, actor Sonya Hussyn  became the center of controversy for not having done enough research on mental illnesses.

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#depression , #anxiety , #stress Depression can be thought of as an umbrella term for a variety of disorders, some of which are caused by certain life events or situations, and others by chemical changes in the brain. while some of the symptoms associated with the various depressive disorders overlap, there are also some key differences. . Gaining a deeper understanding of the different types of depression can help to begin the journey to diagnosis and recovery. Taking some time to consider the #root of where your depression comes from. Remember, it is vital that you #seekhelp from a doctor to get an accurate depression diagnosis and receive the treatment and support you need. 🧠 🙌🏻💫 #mentalhealthawareness #letsjoinhands

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Her comment about Autism being a mental illness did not sit well with many people and soon led to some heavy bashing from her followers.

However, now, Hussyn has clarified her stance on social media.

Posting a lengthy note on Instagram, the actor shared, "Amidst the debate, we should always remember to focus on the bigger picture. At the end of the day, we’re all hoping to spread more awareness about mental health and benefit the cause."

"It is sad that as a society, we are led by a few to ignore someone's intent and a bigger picture," she added. "Instead, we focus to choose on small details that result in negating the original purpose of benefiting a cause or an individual. Mental wellness and health are subjects I have spoken about before becoming an actor. I have always encouraged others to feel comfortable when starting conversations about the same. This is a subject close to me because of my experience with Amii, who struggled depression for 15 years."

The Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida star went on to say, "To calibrate my knowledge and discuss the subject further, I will go on my social media soon with a qualified expert on mental health and wellness."

"All those who only choose to bash or criticise others, have given me more reason to talk about such issues,” concluded Hussyn.

Hussyn is playing the role of a schizophrenic girl in her upcoming drama serial, Saraab. While promoting the project, Sonya shared a poster highlighting various mental illnesses and a netizen argued autism should not be considered as one.

Things went downhill when the actor tried to explain to a mother of two autistic kids what autism is. 

"Autism is not a mental illness, it is a disorder," to which Sonya replied, "It is one of the symptoms in schizophrenia.”

Consequently other people started calling out for her uneducated statement.

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