Rabia Butt roasts troll on declaring her hands 'Mardana'

03:51 PM | 10 Dec, 2018
Rabia Butt roasts troll on declaring her hands 'Mardana'
LAHORE - Social media is the easiest way of communicating these days. People all over the world share their life happenings in posts, videos, and tweets with others. But it is not obvious that every post will get a good response.

Celebrities are usually the first targets of trolls and it gets very hard for them to avoid massive criticism. Many times the stars tend to ignore such comments but sometimes, it’s also necessary to school these people for spreading hate online.

On Friday, the model cum actress Rabia Butt shared a picture of herself in black traditional dress wishing Jummah with the sweet caption “Aaj Juma hai <3”

The photo by Butt got over 938 likes and 70 replies but among these replies, one Twitter user commented on the star's picture that “why are your hands so mardana?”.

Rabia replied with full confidence saying, “Partay Bhi Kafi mardana Hein” meaning they hit like a man’s hand too. Here is the reply by Butt :

Till now, the bully hasn't responded to Rabia's reply. But we are sure he has learned a lesson. The bully 'Khizar Jadoon' knows now what can happen if someone messes with any woman.

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