Taimur Khan and AbRam Khan took all the limelight at this star studded birthday

08:45 PM | 10 Feb, 2018
Taimur Khan and AbRam Khan took all the limelight at this star studded birthday

Birthday celebrations of Yash And Roohi (Twins) was hosted by Father Karan Johar 


This birthday had to be star studded (well duh! Obviously). Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor, Sidharth Malhotra, Shah Rukh Khan along with Rani Mukherji were the A-listers. They were not the news which kept people going. Taimur, AbRam were there with their parents Kareena Kapoor and Shah Rukh Khan.


They bonded over cars and were seen looking super cute while their celebrity parents hosted the event with Karan Johar.

These little kids aren’t even aware of the paparazzi following them all around but they seem to be all fine and fun around camera’s (we’d be disappointed if they weren’t tbh). Taimur and AbRam are Obsession of Indian media as they are followed with camera’s everywhere. These little cuties stole thousands of hearts.


Kareena Kapoor was recently invited on a talk show hosted by Shah Rukh Khan where they discussed their equally popular and loved kids.


Shah Rukh said,

“Like Taimur and AbRam...As you said, I have not worked a lot with a lot with the Kapoor men, we will see to it that this Kapoor and Khan work together,” referring to the kids

Kareena said, "We have to." 

These kids are more famous and have got all the limelight and their parents hope for them to join the industry just like they did.