Father's Day is coming up and here is how you can make it special

05:20 PM | 14 Jun, 2019
Father's Day is coming up and here is how you can make it special

LAHORE - Fathers are the promising figures in our lives that are only going to push us upwards to make us strive for better and when we do fall hard we know who is going to be right there ready to lift us up again. Abu, Baba, Daddy, Dad, Papa or however we address these angels in our lives, they are the real life heroes we should be thrilled by as they don’t only save the day, they save our lives without an ounce of second thought.

In busy and hectic adult lives we often fail to let our fathers know they are on our minds along with their constant advice and reality checks. This Father’s Day lets be there with daddy as his girl/boy. Mark your calendar for 16th June, 2019.

Always shielding and protecting us being our personal defense lawyer, we often wonder how tiring and consuming it must get for them to provide us with the best of care and material.

Here are ways to make their day as special as it can get. This Sunday, we are all set to shower them with love.

Forget buying ties and shirts for him which may come off to him as a formality, why not get something significant customized for him that he can keep close to his heart and probably on his bedside table. Get him a customized mug or a frame that he can look at when he often wakes up with work on his mind. Let him know you are right here!

Wake him up with breakfast made by you. Eat with him and talk, most importantly. There is no other way to start off a good day.

Go on a movie night. There are various movies playing this week that he would like, Deadpool could be enjoyed by him and you alike.

Write to him, and write your heart out to him. Being expressive is not his best trait, write to him to appreciate him with a handmade card made by you.

Buy him a gift that he needs. Recall what he has mentioned what he wants, but he will not get because he hates shopping. Go on that shopping spree and buy him something useful.

Have a games night with him and play his favourite game, it could be anything, scrabble, monopoly or even an outside sport that he enjoys.

Send him to his hairdresser, if we can do it for our mothers, we can also get a package for dad to send him on a grooming session that he would never book on his own.