Ahsan Khan remembers Abdul Sattar Edhi's generosity with a heartfelt poem

04:27 PM | 10 Jul, 2021
Ahsan Khan remembers Abdul Sattar Edhi's generosity with a heartfelt poem

Pakistani actor Ahsan Khan has slowly yet surely built a strong niche for himself in the entertainment industry with the diversity of roles he picks from the mishmash of opportunities.

Apart from dabbling on the acting front, Khan is also known for his philanthropic work. This time around, the Qayamat star paid a tribute to late philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi with a poem.

Edhi founded the world's largest volunteer ambulance network, set up various homeless shelters, animal shelters, rehabilitation centres, and orphanages across Pakistan under the Edhi Foundation.

Despite passing away five years ago, Abdul Sattar Edhi is still remembered by people across the country and Ahsan Khan has joined the bandwagon.

The Udaari star penned heartfelt verses on Instagram to remember the late humanitarian's generosity.

Back in 2016, the founder of the Edhi Foundation passed away due to kidney failure at the age of 88 in Karachi. Even after his death, he performed his last act of charity by donating his corneas. 

Moreover, Ahsan Khan is also the Ambassador for Child Protection and Welfare Bureau Punjab. On the work front, he was highly praised for her performance in the drama serial Qayamat

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