Hania Aamir gets her nose pierced in latest vlog

01:56 PM | 10 May, 2021
Hania Aamir gets her nose pierced in latest vlog

Hania Amir has time to time dabbled in hot waters which can easily be termed as a quintessential statement maker.

From baring her acne to the world and her candid glimpse on her social media, the Titli star keeps things interesting with her peculiar ideas.

Recently, the Parwaaz ha Junoon star gave an update in which she got her nose piercing done along with her friend.

Needless to say, the vlog was kept super real as it shows Hania going through a turmoil of emotions as she gets done with the whole process. The aftermath and reactions of her friends upon the change is also caught on camera

As soon as the vlog was uploaded, it again bought criticism for Hania. The netizens were of the viewpoint that the 24-year old was overacting and people called her super dramatic and creating a fuss over nothing.

Some keyboard warrior even went on to label the Dilruba star as an attention seeker.

On the work front, Aamir and Raqs e Bismil star Momin Saqib are all set to work on the upcoming TV project with Shazia Wajahat.

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