Mehwish Hayat wonders if she can do $120,000 Karela art

12:22 PM | 11 Dec, 2019
Mehwish Hayat wonders if she can do $120,000 Karela art

Pakistani sweetheart Mehwish Hayat is the latest person to wonder how a banana duct-taped to the wall can be considered a $120,000 work of art. 

The work of Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan was sold last week for the six-figure sum at Miami’s Art Basel. Two of the three editions have been sold, according to Perrotin, the contemporary art gallery behind the work. The last one is expected to go for $150,000.

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The Load Wedding starlet took to Twitter on Sunday to confess she was not quite clear:

Not holding back, Hayat said she was thinking of becoming an artist and taping a karela (bitter melon) to the wall. “If the Banana was sold for $120K wonder how much that would make…”.

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According to the current market rates in Pakistan, karelas are selling for Rs100 to Rs150 per kilogram which would mean that a kilogram is roughly 70 cents. One karela from that kilogram would be even cheaper. So if she did make the art, and it sold, we figured she would be able to retire from acting and live a pretty easy going life. 

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