UxM: Hocane sisters all set to launch their new clothing line

02:43 PM | 11 Jun, 2019
UxM: Hocane sisters all set to launch their new clothing line

LAHORE- The Hoccane sisters never fail to impress us and once again they have come forward with the exciting news of launching their upcoming clothing line, UXM.

The sister duo has decided to channel their inner style, usually seen on red carpets, into something more sustainable.

The siblings, being one year apart, have been each other’s support system and there's no stopping them from conquering the world together. According to them, the new undertaking aims to translate their inspiring sisterhood into something sustainable.

They both took to Instagram to share the news with their fans:

“Urwa and I have been with each other since her first day on this planet. We’ve loved each other for as long as we can remember,” Mawra captioned the post.


The brand features casual western wear and cute accessories. “ Urwa and I are super-stoked to share our first collaboration with all of you very soon, In’sha’Allah,” she added. The two are spotted wearing ultra-chic accessories in the photos, with their embedded initials adding a personalised touch.

The tagline of their new venture is an empowering one, called girls who can as “It is for the all the girls #whocan dare to live life on their own terms yet effortlessly in sync with the beautiful world around them.”

Among other things, Mawra and Urwa are known for their style sync and are often seen sporting international designer wear.

Pakistani celebrities diving into the fashion world is nothing new. Previously, Ahsan Khan and Fawad Khan have done the same.

On the work front, Urwa is currently busy with producing a film Tich Button along with her husband Farhan Saeed. Whereas Mawra recently completed her studies and graduated as an advocate.

As Marwa and Urwa get ready for their forthcoming style collaboration we can’t wait to see what's in store for us!