Malala slammed for skipping 'Israel' in statement on Palestine attacks

04:47 PM | 11 May, 2021
Malala slammed for skipping 'Israel' in statement on Palestine attacks

Israeli atrocities in Gaza continue as tension grows in Palestine and its surrounding settlements amid violence erupting as hundreds of worshippers get attacked by Israeli defence forces during prayers on the night of Layla’tul’Qadr, near Al-Aqsa mosque.

Netizens from all around the globe have been addressing the Israeli brutality and speaking up about the attacks. 

Pakistani education activist Malala Yousafzai, who is the youngest Nobel Peace laureate, has finally voiced out her opinion as she shared her stance on the attacks by Israel's forces.

 "The violence in Jerusalem – especially against children – is unbearable. This long conflict has cost many children their lives and their futures. Leaders must act immediately – there is no peace when children and civilians are not safe," she tweeted.

The internet was left divided as the majority lauded the young activist for 'speaking up against the ongoing attacks,' while others were of the viewpoint that she was being hypocritical since she did not even mention 'Israel' in her tweet as an agressor.

Of the 20 Palestinians killed on Monday, seven, including three children, were family members who died in an explosion in the town of Beit Hanoun.

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