The wait is over America’s next top model has been announced, here are all the details

07:45 PM | 12 Apr, 2018
America- Growing up we all have been hooked to America’s next top model hosted by the beautiful Tyra Banks. This show has marked its 15 years of history. ANTM(America’s next top model) cycle 24 has now come to an end. This cycle was the most diverse and groundbreaking as all the 14 contestants had totally different and unusual history. Plus sized women, older women and even women with mental health issues were a part of this contest.

Big reveal!!

Source: Entertainment weekly

The winner for ANTM is Kyla Coleman from Portland who is a beautiful 21 year old model and activist.She has been a part of Gay-Straight Alliance at her high school when she was just 17. She is just like any other average girl was worked at starbucks before making it big in the television screen. She is now encouraging younger girls to watch the show, have self confidence as beauty has no fixed standards and feel good in their own skin.

ANTM broke sent messages such as body positivity, keeping it diverse and breaking age barriers. Kyla after her win talks about how she is not a size zero and probably will have hard time working in the industry struggling with her body type but she will bring a change even if it is a minor one. She will represent all the women who have body issues.

Fun fact: She skipped her junior-senior prom for a rally which was held against police brutality.

She further plans to use this platform to address issues like mental illness, suicide and mainstream spectrum of beauty. She will engage with people through public speaking encouraging them to overcome insecurities and body issues.

Her most memorable and fun scene from the show was when she screamed at Tyra “When life-size 2 was coming out?” To loosen up while striking a pose in one of the challenges.

Source: Entertainment weekly

She even talked about issues which are spreading hate and crime across the country, WHITE SUPREMACY!