Women in Pakistan are now taking over twitter to expose sexual harassers

09:09 PM | 12 Apr, 2018
Women in Pakistan are now taking over twitter to expose sexual harassers
LAHORE - Social media has given women a platform to come forward and address their most faced issue, harassment. Girls are now confronting and exposing their harassers after an anonymous person on Twitter exposed the CEO of patari.

Girls are now getting together to fight against the sexual harassment they face in tech companies. It is a wake up call for all the feminist hating people. Assistant editor dawn Razeshta Sethna now becomes a voice for women harassed in tech firms. 20 year old software designer from Islamabad gets harassed by her manager and then company which made her suicidal.

“It had nothing to do with me”

Cornering people will only make them the best victim:

Injustice remains:

Safe workplace is the utmost priority!

If it makes you uncomfortable it is harassment:

Ofcourse blaming the victim is convenient:

Silencing victims won’t change the fact that workplaces in Pakistan are not safe for them:

And if this wasn’t horrible enough she was then being prank called by people from her company and the former manager:

There hundreds of women being harassed every single day in Pakistan and no one ever takes a notice of it even we shy away from such discussions. Women are not only harassed by touch but even inappropriate looks and gestures. Stand up for women as the time for harassers is up.

How can women progress when they aren’t even safe?