A brief synopsis of evolution of trade into E-commerce

02:03 PM | 12 Feb, 2019
A brief synopsis of evolution of trade into E-commerce
The metamorphosis of mobile phones over the last few years, originating merely as a communication device, to one with the addition of functionality in the form of apps and the mobile web have squeezed actual communication down to a much smaller percentage of our activity. This evolution has also contributed to the transformation of conventional trade into a portal of e-Commerce (electronic commerce). The internet has radically changed the way the world does business now.

Primarily by condensing the global market into the very palm of our hands, people are able to access the marketplace whenever they please. As the online market continues to expand and evolve, it looks set to change the global market for many years to come in the future. E-commerce offers instant access for everyone and it has become the desired medium for not just socializing but also marketing, and predominantly purchasing products and services.

The Asian e-market boom in this respect can be attributed to the shopping frenzy of the millennials. The generation Y lovingly sport the idea of having the world at the snap of their fingers and consider going to a brick and mortar store as cliché in comparison to shopping online. This in fact cannot be negated as the 24/7 accessibility to a product is somewhat of a heavenly convenience. Be it grocery, be it jewellery, apparel or even the most basic of commodities, everything is available at the tap of our fingers and that also in the comfort of our very own living rooms. According to a survey, each year the accounted number of mobile phone transactions appears to be increasing substantially. With more payment gateways and increasing coverage of 3G and 4G networks, e-commerce market appears not just to be emerging but also booming in Pakistan.

Nothing can be comparable to the experience of raiding a branded store or ordering an exquisite continental meal or perhaps just a burger and some divine French fries at the touch of our fingers. An experience that is both integrated and seamless despite the channel.

One such start-up that is sending a ripple in the e-Commerce industry in Lahore is Cheetay; an online delivery service which is revolutionizing the delivery business. To substantiate this claim let me explain how Cheetay works. Unlike other delivery services which only cater to restaurants that are located within the parameters of a specified GPS, Cheetay provides you the option of ordering a meal from anywhere; be it the narrow alleys of the old walled city of Lahore or a posh restaurant located in the suburbs. In addition to this, say if you want the rider to purchase a dozen bananas from a local street vendor that happens to be located on route which the rider is supposed to take, your wish will be granted! Simple as that! Cheetay is not just about food it is a multi-category e-Commerce platform that also delivers Books from the best book shops in Lahore, Health and Beauty products (Makeup and medicines) and Groceries to your doorstep.

No other delivery service entertains such demands of its customers. This is what makes Cheetay unique amongst its competitors. The mastermind behind this distinctive e-Commerce venture, Mr. Ahmed Khan believes in providing the utmost comfort to his customers in conjunction with complete professionalism. Always on the lookout for evolving his project for betterment, Mr. Ahmed appears to take criticism as constructive feedback and makes the required alterations to suit his customers’ needs. A young venture set to make difference by leaps and jumps, Cheetay is all set to alter the face of E-Commerce.