Man gets life sentence for plotting to kill exiled Pakistani blogger Ahmad Goraya

07:16 PM | 12 Mar, 2022
Man gets life sentence for plotting to kill exiled Pakistani blogger Ahmad Goraya
Source: @Met Police_Twitter / @awgoraya_Instagram

LONDON – Gohir Khan, who was found guilty of attempting to assassinate the Pakistani blogger Ahmad Waqass Goraya, gets life sentence by a London court on Friday.

Reports in international media said Khan will serve 13 years before he is eligible to apply for parole. The days served in custody will count towards his sentence.

The man conspired to kill a Pakistani blogger with assistance from the middleman who is at large and the UK counter-terrorism command unit has launched a manhunt for him.

Khan was hired by unidentified persons to carry out the intended killing of Goraya. The man traveled to the Netherlands last year as part of a conspiracy to murder Goraya, and even bought a tool with the aim to succeed in his mission, per reports.

Meanwhile, Gohir legal representative Tim Maloney said the efforts of his clients were truly, genuinely lacking in sophistication and his communication with middleman were dominated by the defendant's relentless attempts to ensure he was paid.

He added that the plot was of a serious nature but his part in it was not ‘sophisticated or professional’, saying Khan holds a non-criminal record in the past.

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Conspiracy to murder is an offense by virtue of section 1(1) of Britain’s Criminal Law Act 1977. Any person found guilty can face sentences ranging between a few years to life imprisonment.

The convict was charged in June last year with one count of conspiracy to murder the controversial blogger who left his homeland in 2017.